Hot and Heavy BAD Breath and the Winter Itch.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Sorry I haven’t posted. Surprisingly, I didn’t have much “bad train karma” as my friend calls it, until recently.

These are recurring incidents. And it is winter that brings this problem on. Summer always brings on sweaty and smelly people. Winter always brings on people with BAD breath! It never fails. And it’s not just any kind of bad breath. I’m not talking about eating too much garlic and onions, or coffee breath. I’m not talking breath that smells like something died deep down inside of your body! And it’s hot and heavy and sickly, nauseating. It is the kind of foul odor that sticks. Not like greasy kitchen smells which sticks to your clothes and hair. This smell of rot sticks to your nose hairs and you can’t get rid of it!

No matter where I sit or stand, there is always someone either behind me or next to me or worse, in front of me, who has the foulest of breath. They either talking to a friend or on their cell phone. They don’t even have to talk; there are people who are mouth breathers!


There was this young lady standing next to me who was breathing with her mouth open, when I got a whiff of death. It was a relatively crowded train and no place for me to really go. And then I noticed it stopped smelling when her mouth was closed.

There was another incident when I was sitting in front of two people who were talking. I had my winter coat on and the hood over my head. When the guy started to talk, it was like a rotten garbage cloud shot through my hooded head and enveloped me in a noxious gas.

Sometimes the bad breath doesn’t just come from the mouth. It is seeping through the pores! No, it is not body odor. B.O. has a distinct funk based on the person’s biological design. This smell that is emitted from the pores is not pungent like most B.O. Instead, like bad breath, it foulness is from deep inside one’s body; like something inside that person is dying or rotting. It’s like the body is off-gassing like toxic chemicals.

At the same time I was being doused with funky gas, a rather heavy set woman sat next to me (on the inside; I sat along the aisle) and sprayed me with her foul aura! It was unbearable. So I stuck my head into the aisle to try to get some “fresh” air.

I had another incident. A sort of recurring one but not as common as bad breath. It’s the head itch. I understand that there will always be the occasional itch and you scratch it; end of story. Well, one evening on my way home, this Chinese guy sat down next to me, whips out his Gameboy and while he’s concentrating on his game, he’s scratching his head. I’m not talking about scratching that one itch with one finger. No, he scratched one side of his head then onto the other side with his hole hand. AND, he had claws! Yes, claws. He had nails longer and pointier than mine. They were more deadly looking than any woman with long press-on nails. And he didn’t stop. I moved my seat as far away from him as possible. The black guy standing in front didn’t seem to mind the Chinese guy’s flea problem because he took my seat. From where I sat, I watched him scratch all over his head while focusing on his game. I was disgusted. Luckily that evening was “washing my hair” night.


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, January 7, 2008.

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