“Blah. Blah. Blah.”

So, this morning I was on the platform waiting for the “F” train, Manhattan bound. The spot where I normally stand was taken by a guy and gal. I stood a bit away from them. The guy kept on darting me looks. At one point while I was looking down to see if a train was coming, he was look right at me. He looked like a dumb version on Brendan Fraser, not as tall, and with a patchy receding hair line. Actually, his head look like a dead animal with its fur partially missing so that you see through its coat to the skin. He was not somebody you wanted to keep your eyes on unless he was crazy or dangerous.

The “E” train pulled up and so I decided to take it. People were starting to gather along the “F” side of the platform which tells me that the train is either later or will be crowded. But then the “E” train just sat there when an “F” train finally pulled up. I got off the “E” train and got on the “F” train. The last time this happened and I stayed on the “E” train, the “F” train departed first and the “E” train just sat there.

The people boarded the “F” and it was getting crowded. I was carrying several bags with me, one of which was rather big and had some hard things in it like sneakers. I ended standing next to the dumb version of Brendan Fraser. The large bag hung from my right shoulder, creating a buffer between me and “dumb Brendan”, and I was carrying the other bags with my left hand while I was holding onto the overhead bar with my right hand. “Dumb Brendan” did not liking that I had this large bag. He didn’t say anything. Instead, at times he tried to push me. With each stop, more people got on. In fact, people at the later stations insisted on getting on and pushed themselves through the door to get in.

It wasn’t until we got to the “Top of Rock” (Rockefeller Center) that a crowd of people were getting off like the people sitting in front of me and “patchy receding hairline Brendan Fraser”. So like any descent person, I moved away so the seated people could get off, which got in the way of “dead animal scalp Brendan Fraser” who was trying to get off. So that’s when he started to get all tough and in my face; telling me to move. I got back in his face with some choice words. As he exited off the train he uttered in a slow Eastern European accent, “Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.”



~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, January 9, 2008.

2 Responses to ““Blah. Blah. Blah.””

  1. If you had been a strapping, muscle-bound, truculent young man instead of a woman, I wonder if ‘Brendan’ would still have been so tough and pushy? Probably not.

  2. I always wonder about that myself; what is the likelihood of people starting with me if I was physically more threatening looking whether it is gender, or the color of my skin.
    Thanks for reading. I love your blog.

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