Pungent perfumes…

I was on the low rider bus going to work this morning. I say low rider because these were the buses that were level with the sidewalk. The seat arrangements are also different. The rear of the bus is raised, which provides for an interesting vantage point on the bus; a sort of overview. I was seated on the aisle side of the two seater. I don’t like sitting on the inside seat. Experience has taught me that a fat person will come sit down next to me and literally push me further in. Anyways, a lady got on the bus and asked to take the inside seat next to the window. As soon as she sat down a cloud of cheap drugstore musky perfume ripped into my nostrils.

This is something I have noticed that there are certain women who abuse the wearing of cheap drugstore perfume. They are usually elderly ladies or women of Russian and/or Eastern European nationality. I understand that wearing perfume makes a woman pretty and feminine. I like perfume. I will occasionally spritz myself with some girlie floral or citrus scent; I don’t drench myself with it. So, I wonder why these women cover themselves head to toe and then some more with the cheap stuff from the chain drugstores? And why would they cover themselves with a synthetic scent that doesn’t come from flowers?

I had to cover my nose with my mittens. I could not breathe without my nose screaming in pain. There were moments when even my mittens could not keep the synthetic scents from filtering through the natural fibers so I would fan it away. She eventually got off the bus. (phew!)


~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, January 25, 2008.

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