Hock and Spit.

I was in Jersey City, waiting on the New Jersey Transit Light Rail platform at Exchange Place.  I was waiting for my significant other.  There was this elderly Asian man waiting on the platform.  For 10 to 15 minutes straight, this man was hocking up something clinging to the throat and spitting it out on the platform.  It was disgusting.  I wasn’t standing near him but I wasn’t far enough to miss his rhythm of scrapping the thick mucus from the depths of his throat to the wad of goo projecting from his lips and impacted against the cold pavement with a splat!  When I turned to look his way, he had this look of nothing happened.

I was disgusted and embarrassed for the Asian community.

Don’t get me wrong, this sort of hock and spit behavior isn’t just relegated to elderly Asian men.  Any man from any ethnic background and any age hock and spit.   It’s such a gross behavior.  Why do these men see our public pavement as a spit bucket?  I can’t imagine the amount of bacteria swimming in that wad of mucus.   And if you’re not careful, you’ll step on it not thinking twice what you’re dragging home with you especially when you’re one of those people who walk around your home with your outdoor shoes on, tracking all sort of germs and bacteria.



~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, February 3, 2008.

One Response to “Hock and Spit.”

  1. I enjoy your stories. So descriptive. You make vile subjects sound almost poetic.

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