Faux Germ Bag

It is common etiquette to not put your bags in an empty seat. And it is common courtesy to remove your bag when someone wants to sit down in the empty seat especially when they also say, “Excuse me.”

I got on the bus on my way home. The bus seats were filling up but there was one seat left in between two women. One of the women was blond and on her blackberry. She had a small suitcase in front of her and her shoulder bag in the empty seat. She did not remove her when I approached the empty seat so I said, “Excuse me.” She reluctantly removed her bag onto her lap and as I sat down, she coughed and sniffled and coughed some more. Normally, I would be grossed out and have rather stood instead of sitting next to a germ bag but she was faking it. And to prove that she was, I coughed back – more like coughing to clear my throat. She then coughed back. I couldn’t believe this woman! I couldn’t wait to blog about this so I called my friend and told her the incident while blond germ bag was still next to me. She did not cough the rest of her ride until her stop.

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~ by thedailycommuter on Tuesday, February 5, 2008.

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