Faux Germ Bag, 2?

So my boss and I were returning to the office after a meeting with the client. We were sitting on the 6 train talking about the meeting. I noticed somebody took a seat near me. We continued to talk when suddenly, a man let out a loud cough and the seat underneath me vibrated. “What the hell?!” I thought to myself, “What was that?” And then I realized the man sitting near me farted as the fumes of putrid old man shit made it’s way to my olfactory. I could not believe this happened to me – AGAIN! Do I make people nervous?

I wondered if his cough caused him to let out that forceful fart and then I realized that the old man coughed intentionally so as to let out that nasty fart!

When I told my S.O., he said that the fart probably made his asshole tight and he ripped one as a result. I guess that could be plausible. I mean, the man was old and at that age, he probably doesn’t have control of his bodily function.


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, February 9, 2008.

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