Move, NOW!

I don’t know what it is with people that when they see an empty seat, they want to sit down immediately. This is especially true when someone is sitting in the aisle seat of the two seater on a bus, the person who wants to take the inside seat can’t wait for the person to make room for the person to get to the inside seat. They get an attitude or they just move in while you’re trying to get out of their way. And on top of that, they also take up some of your seat. It’s the same thing with the train. When there are seats available, people always expects you to immediately make room for them even though there may not be any room to make. My philosophy is, if you can’t fit your fat ass and/or body into the space available, then you should find another seat that is suitable for your size.

It just seems easier for the fat bastard to:

  1. make someone else make room for them.
  2. make adjacent passengers uncomfortable by wedging their fat ass in a seat that barely fits one of their ass cheeks.

I was on the ‘E’ train knitting. I had my headphones on listening to music. I was sitting two seats away from the doors. A round black woman was sitting next to me, closer to the door. When we were two stops away from my stop, most people got off the train freeing up a lot of seats. The seat next to the round black woman freed up and so her big fat black boyfriend wanted to sit down next to her but there wasn’t enough space for his large round body. Instead of taking a seat in one of the open benches, he snapped his fingers and told me to move down while I’m focused on my knitting and over my music. I was annoyed that he snapped his fingers at me and gesturing me to move down with haste but I obliged. And even though I did move down so he could fit his large ass in the seat, he continued to give off attitude.I told him he didn’t have to be rude.

He said he was being rude but was getting me to move down because I had my headphones.

I responded, “You could say Excuse me.”

He retorted that he didn’t have to say “Excuse me” because he got me to move.

I told him he was rude.

He didn’t think he was rude.

I added that he could have sat on the other side where there was plenty of seat to fit his plentiful body.

He mumbled something.

I said, “Whatever!”

He said, “Whatever!”

His girlfriend was snickering. I’m not sure if she was snickering at the exchanges or if she was snickering because an Asian girl was talking back to him.


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, February 9, 2008.

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