Excuse me.

I was heading over to Jersey City via WTC (World Trade Center). I was carrying a heavy load of groceries and walking carefully down the escalator; keeping to one side. It was a cold day and I had my on earmuffs and pulled my hood over my head. I could feel someone approaching me from behind. I heard someone say, “Excuse me.” I kept on moving down the escalator at my pace but still keeping to one side. The man said, “Excuse me.” again but with the underlying intent of, “Get out of my way.”

I stopped and turned around, not really facing eye to eye with him, and wanted to tell him to go around me. But before I could open my mouth, he stopped short and by-passed me as he should have done to begin with.

I just don’t get what he was expecting me to do. Did he actually think that I should have been the one to move to the other side just because he was tailing behind me? It was obvious that it would have been quicker for him to continue down the empty side as opposed to having me move out of the way for him. And besides, I did keep to one side so if he was smart he could have saved his breath and continue racing down the escalator without skipping a beat.


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, March 2, 2008.

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