Fat Magnet

I must have an invisible sign smeared across my forehead or face that says, “If you’re fat, or have a fat ass, or thunder thighs please sit right up against me.” Or am I invisible? No, if I was invisible, they’d sit on me although I have been sat on by a fat woman.

Today going home was one fat ass after another.; to my left, or to my right, and a double whammy. Any time a seat on either side of me freed up with one fat person, another one takes it’s his/her place. The worse is when they wedge into the seat and wiggle around, rubbing up against me. I can feel every curvy fatness of their ass and thighs, and feel the fibers of their pants stretching to it’s limits. I really don’t like the feel of fatness smashed up against me. After some time, my legs starts to lose feeling.

At which point, I have to sit at the edge of my seat leaving the fat pig with more than amble room for them to wiggle in.


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, March 5, 2008.

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