A pushy fat bastard…

This past Friday at rush hour at WTC to catch the PATH train into Jersey City, I had yet another commuter incident.  The entrance to the WTC PATH station changed due to the ongoing work that is happening down there but the stairs leading to the trains at the lower level remained the same.  There are giant staircases that take you the platform of the PATH trains which are then divided into four stairs.  I was walking down the narrowest one.  The other stairs were empty and nobody was walking down the other three stairs.  The train that was sitting on the station was also further away from me.  I was walking down the stairs carefully because i was in a skirt, shoes, and carrying a relatively large bag.  I was also not in a hurry to catch the train and made a conscious effort to take the narrow stair because I could see the train waiting from the top.  Well, as i was descending to the platform, I felt someone kicking my bag.  Not just once, or twice but three times!  I turned around to see what the hell was going on.  The guy apologized as I stopped to look back.  I was face to face with a fat Hispanic.  I did not realize he was so close to me but I guess he’d have to be if he was kicking my bag.  I looked at him wondering what was his problem.  I mean, I knew from the kicking and the fact that he was on my ass that he was in a rush to catch the train.  So I stepped aside to let him through but then he told me to move.  It took him 3 seconds to understand that he was supposed to “slip” by me.  As he passes, he said that I was slow!  I told him he could have gone down the other stairs if he was in the rush and that he didn’t have to follow me down the stairs i was taking and called him a dumb-ass fat bastard.


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, April 26, 2008.

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