Subway crawling with BED BUGS!

As if the subway system is crawling with enough germs, people with disgusting habits and poor hygiene and homeless people. Now they’re also crawling with BED BUGS! That’s right people – bed bugs. These are the parasites that live in your beds and come out at night to feast on your blood. I first heard this reported on the CW News at 10 and I was just disgusted! I found this NY Post article about bed bugs being spotted catching a ride on someone’s ass; for the article, click here.  These skin crawling parasites were spotted is Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx.

This only proves the opinion I have with people with poor hygiene who get on the subway. These bed bugs don’t just migrate on their own. They are parasites and they get around via humans; they’re just clinging onto your body or your clothes. I don’t think it’s the homeless people as they don’t have beds to sleep in and thus, I think they may have little to no bed bug problems.

So the next time you get on the subway or decide to take a seat, be careful. You may end up being host to a guest you don’t want in your home.


~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, May 9, 2008.

5 Responses to “Subway crawling with BED BUGS!”

  1. We’re down here in DC, following the bed bug story pretty closely and . What’s the general vibe up there in NY? Are most people who take the NY subway aware of what’s going on? Is everyone talking about it? We’ve done a couple of posts on this whole thing, but are trying to get a local perspective. We’re really hoping this doesn’t happen down in DC – we have concrete benches and less homeless people, but you never know …

  2. I don’t think most NYC commuters are aware of the potential and severity of the problem. The story was not widely publicized. Had I not been watching the news on that particular station, I would not have known there even existed a bed bug problem.

    Personally, I think that people may not even care. I’ve seen people sit on dirty train seats (they just plop their fat asses down without looking to see if they are sitting on something), sit next to homeless people because they want to sit down so badly, and there are plenty of people who will endure sitting in the same train with a foul smelling homeless man just because they have a seat.

  3. How is the bed bug problem in NYC now? A good website,, is a website that you can go to and report infestations of bed bugs. This is especially a helpful website when moving to a new apartment or house or traveling. If you look up the amount of infestations in NY it is pretty crazy.

    Also, jsut fyi, bed bugs have nothing to do with cleanliness or socio-economic status. Tell me more about the subway though, I haven’t heard of bed bugs in the subway.

    And you can go to for informative and accurate bed bug information published by bed bug experts.

  4. […] this since I did report about the sightings of bed bugs input public transportation system; click here for the archived post. click on image for more pictures No Comments so far Leave a comment […]

  5. […] the way, I know that, like the Daily Commuter, you’re thinking back to May, to that inimitable New York Post […]

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