Disgruntle bus drivers…

I take the Q46 bus every morning and every evening to catch the train that eventually takes me into Manhattan. I’ve been taking this bus for the past 10+ years and noticed that the drivers in the evening rush hour are obnoxious if not mean.

Two bus drivers come to mind when I write this.  One of which inspired me to write this due to an incident that happened this evening when I was going home.

Both of these bus drivers are white, with white hair and white beards.

I’ll call the first one Captain White Beard because every time I see him, I think of a sea captain.  Like the one found on a Gorton’s box of fish sticks but with white hair and beard and kind of fat.  I say kind of because he’s not disgustingly fat but fat enough that he might burst  through the seams of his uniform.  He always has this blank expression on his face but his eyes are cold and unkind.  He also kind of grumbles when he talks.

The second guy is the fat old hippie.  He has a long ponytail with a beard that needs to be groomed like his ponytail.  He’s got a pretty unsightly gut.  It’s not one of those firm medicine ball kind of guts.  It’s more saggy and sits on the belt of his pants.  Or rather, his flubber gut sits on his lap when he’s in the driver seat.  Oh, and he’s got these old TV size/shaped glasses.  I’ve witnessed this fat old hippie driver yell at a few people including yours truly.   He usually drives the Limited bus during rush hour.  His badge number is 47483.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with NYC MTA transit terminology, “Limited” means, it does not make all stops along the route.

Usually, there is always someone who gets on the Limited bus and do not realize it is Limited.  And thus, they end up far from their intended stop.  This evening, an elderly gentleman got on the bus and when he signaled to get off, the fat old hippie drove past his stop.  The elderly man was trying to get the driver to stop and clearly did not understand that he was on the Limited bus.  The next thing I knew was that the fat hippie yelled at the old man at the same time, some passenger told the old man that this bus was Limited.  I just thought it was unnecessary for the hippie bus driver to have yelled at the old man.  The man is old and clearly, he didn’t understand which bus he got on.  I mean, the fat hippie bus driver actually turned to the elderly man and yelled into his ear.  I mean, that is abusive behavior towards passengers.

I mentioned earlier that the fat hippie bus driver also yelled at me too.  I was coming out of the train station to catch the bus.  I was running towards it and noticed that there weren’t too many people on it.  I then saw the bus closing it’s doors as I was approaching.  I yelled for the driver to “hold up!”  And as the bus looked lik it was about to pull out, I cursed.  The curse being directed to the bus driver,of course.

Hey, these bus drivers are known to do this.  Pull away as a passenger is so close to getting on the bus.  It’s common.  And very annoying.

The bus stopped, and the doors flung open.  I get on the bus and the fat hippie driver yells at me.  Basically, he wasn’t going anywhere but pulling up to the curb.  I yelled back, “I didn’t hear you!”

That was that.

At times, I feel bad for these drivers.  I can only imagine what their days must be like.  Tedious and filled with daily commuters, some of which are as obnoxious as the drivers.  But at the same time, they people who were hired to service the community by getting people from point “A” to point “B” and dispense simple advice that pertains to their route.  Like where to get transfers to other buses along the way.  Or just answering a simple question as, “Is this a local bus? Or limited?” even though it may be posted on the head and side of the bus.


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, May 14, 2008.

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