“Don’t sit on me.” means nothing to the fat asses

Sometimes I think the fat in people’s asses are also in their ears. I was on the “F” train going to work this morning. This “F” train is the type of train that is usually used for the “E” train. Plus, it was going local (they made an announcement while sitting in the tunnel after I got on) Argh! I was lucky enough to get a seat when I boarded. I usually sleep on the train but am somewhat still conscious of my surroundings. There was a woman, not obese but on the plump side, standing in front me. She was carrying a bag that kept on grazing my knee. At some point along the way into the city, I guess some room on the bench freed up which allowed her to have a seat. She says, “Excuse me,” as she lowers her ass down but then plops on top of my right leg as I inched away from her. Annoyed, I told her, “Don’t sit on me.”

She didn’t make any effort to adjust herself or apologize for the fact that she plopped her fat ass on my leg. There was nothing more I could other than pull my leg from under her fat ass.


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, May 28, 2008.

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