Where are the cops when you need them?

I was looking forward to going home. I went down the stairs of the train station at Lafayette and Houston. There was a black man. I wasn’t sure if he was homeless or a beggar or some kind of vagrant. People were exiting through the paying caged turnstile as I approached the turnstile. The black man wearing a bright red zipper jersey started to come closer to me asking to go through the turnstile. His eyes ere bugged out and they were kind of red. Maybe he was hopped-on on something. Then he got into the caged turnstile asking me to swipe him in. I went the other way to another turnstile. The black guy was not too happy about that. He shouted some obscenity. I couldn’t hear him because I had my earplugs in my ears but I could hear the anger through my music. I swiped myself through and walked around the caged enclosure. The angry black man continued to yell some obscenity and then threw something at me, I think it was a balled up piece of paper or something. It was round and white. I turned to him and yelled, “Fucking asshole!” and gave him the bird.

What would have happened if that balled up thing hit me? Worse, what if the object he threw at me was more than just a balled up thing?

That station entry at Lafayette and Houston isn’t new to having some kind of vagrant hanging out there. This is a first where I was harassed. I don’t even know if other people have been harassed by other vagrants, nor have I witnessed other people being harassed. It would have been nice if a police officer was around, even if he was outside.

You know, MTA has installed cameras as some stations and buses. They should install them at all stations especially at stations where there aren’t any  booth attendants to help deter vagrants from acting out and harassing commuters.


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, May 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Where are the cops when you need them?”

  1. Did you hear about ?

    Stay vigilant and be safe!

  2. Did you hear about this guy?


    Stay vigilant and be safe!

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