The Summer Commute

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. But in New York City, summer is marked on the first day of a hot and humid day like this past weekend. Saturday and Sunday were in the 90’s and humid. Today was hot, getting close to 100 degrees but I didn’t think it was as humid as this past weekend.

I was really looking for it to warm up because we’ve had a relatively cold spring. I have a bunch of dresses I want to wear, and couldn’t wait to show off in them. When the heat and humidity hit this past weekend, I was reminded of the sweltering summers in New York City. The heat isn’t so bad, it’s the humidity. There’s no such thing as wearing too little to keep yourself from sweating in the New York City humidity. That’s my gripe about New York City (at least on of my gripes) from a New Yorker.

As a commuter, I hate the summer for several reasons.

  1. Pungent body odor. This city is a city built on immigrants and foreign tourists who come to this country to make a better living for themselves or to spend their currency because the dollar is weak. Some of these foreign people have certain diets that make their body odors unique to their culture and/or country. Sometimes it’s not so noticeable. But in the summer time, in the heat and humidity, that body funk is just too pungent to bare! I don’t think there exists any type of underarm deodorant that is strong enough to control that funky pit smell. And the funk gets in your nose and gets tangled up in your nose hair so that the B.O. just lingers even after you moved or that person went away. You have to blow out your nose to cleanse yourself of that pungent foul odor.
  2. Sweaty elbow rubs. Some people sweat more easily and profusely than others; usually the fat people. Luckily, I’m not one of those people; fat (of course) or sweats easily. But there are people who do and those are the people you have to watch when you board the train, or stand in the train or sitting because on hot and humid days, you’ll most likely be wearing some sleeveless garment and the last thing you want is to be rubbing bare arm to sweaty bare arm. You can get a rash that way.
  3. Train cars that don’t have air-conditioning. This scenario is just awful and can cause problems on your commute. But if you’re smart and alert, you can avoid being stuck on a train car that does not have working A/C.
  • When you’re waiting on a platform and noticed that a certain car has very few people in it but the other cars are packed; that’s because the car with few people in it does not have working A/C so you best skip that car and go into the packed one.
  • Another sign that the A/C isn’t working in the car is the open windows. If you see any windows opened on a train car from the platform, skip that car because the A/C isn’t working and the only way that car is getting any air is through those windows but that does not elimintate the heat that’s already accumulated.
  • And then there are times when you are in an air-condidtioned car, the A/C stops working and slowly the cool air because warm and stagnant. Everyone is starting to sweat because everyone is packed in the train trying to get to their destination, and then foul body odors creep into your noses.
  • The worse incident that can happen and has happened is that people can get sick if it gets too hot or if the air is just not circulated properly, which in turns causes delays. The delay is caused by the train with the sick passenger unable to depart until paramedics arrive.

So, this summer if you’re a daily commuter or a visitor, be alert of your surroundings, take a bottle of water with you and plan ahead.

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~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, June 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Summer Commute”

  1. The commuting here in DC has been awful. Trains derailed, multi-hour delays where you’re stuck in some tunnel with no air conditioning, angry people…

  2. Once last summer, I got on a car here in DC and not only was the air conditioner off, they had the heat on.

    I was in a hurry and didn’t notice until it was too late. By the time I got to the next station, the damage had been done and I had sweated through my shirt.

    I hate Metro.

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