PATH stealing the $$$ from my Metrocard

So I’ve had a second incident where the PATH turnstiles on the Jersey City side have swiped money from my Metrocard after I inserted the card to pay my fare.

I’ve been using this Metrocard for a while and haven’t had a problem with it until last Saturday. Last Saturday I was heading over to Jersey City from Manhattan at 14th Street. I didn’t have enough money on the Metrocard to pay the $1.75 PATH fare so I put $5.00 in the card at the machines (that was actually working and accepting bills). I went through the turnstile without any problems and it deducted the $1.75. Coming back into the city from Grove Street station in Jersey City is where I encountered my problem with the PATH turnstiles. I inserted my Metrocard and it said I needed to insert it again. I inserted again and again, the red sign popped up telling me to insert it again. Getting frustrated and not wanting to miss my train, I went to another turnstile and was able to pass through the turnstile but I noticed I had only $0.80 left on my Metrocard. I called to complain and the lady on the phone was very helpful and took down my information. She explained that the information will be forwarded to MTA who will do the investigation and most likely send me a refund. I haven’t gotten a refund yet.

The second time that the PATH again was stealing from my Metrocard was Sunday night. Again, I was going into Jersey City from Manhattan at 14th Street. I didn’t have enough money on it because of the last incident. I still had the $0.80 on my Metrocard so i decided to put $4.00 on it. That was more than enough for a round trip. Got through without any problems and $1.75 was deducted from my Metrocard. Returning to Manhattan that evening, I encountered the same problem. The turnstile flashes red and tells me to insert again. I insert two more times and decided to go to a different one. But instead of letting me through, the turnstile informed me that I didn’t have enough money on my card. I called to complain but this time, a guy picked up the phone and was not helpful. He explained that I needed to go to speak with an MTA agent who will find out what is wrong with my card. Frustrated, I kindly ended the conversation with the PATH agent. I put $0.45 on my card because I only had $1.30 left on it. Again, the turnstile flashed red and would not let me through. I eventually got through and was able to get home.

I was too annoyed and frustrated to remember to stop and speak with an MTA agent about checking out my card but I do have receipts of the money I put onto the card so the next time I am near an MTA agent or booth, I will inquire about it.


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, June 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “PATH stealing the $$$ from my Metrocard”

  1. TDC-

    I empathize with you. On two seperate occasions, I have had Metro steal $20 from me. Once was before I got a Smartrip card. I was using the paper cards with the magnetic strips.

    I had just bought a $20 card, and I went through the turnstile in the morning, but for some reason the reader wouldn’t take it in the afternoon on the way home from work.

    The card was still clearly printed with $18.55 on it, but the Metro nose-picke….errr….station manager couldn’t help me.

    If this happens, you have to travel to one of two stations, Metro Center or Pentagon, to get it fixed. If these stations happen to be out of your way – too bad, you either go or don’t get your money. The best part is, they don’t reimburse you for the extra trip you have to take to get there to reclaim the funds they steal from you.

    The Smartrip card is supposedly easier because you don’t have to go to the office, but just like you, when this happened with my Smartrip, I sent in my complaint and nothing ever happened.

    Maybe if mass transit hired workers who had high-school diplomas and basic proficiency in math we’d be better off. I happen to think that it’s also idiotic that the station managers at every station aren’t empowered to do things this simple, but maybe that’s too complicated for them. After all, most of them are only a step above jellyfish on the intelligence scale.

  2. Sorry to hear about the PATH experience. Perhaps you should get one of those SmartLink cards? It works wonderfully and if something goes wrong, your card is registered so you can call customer service and they are able to refund your money.

  3. i might have to but i was trying to avoid carrying too many cards in my wallet. the thing is if they made it mandatory that only the smartlink cards, then i’ll get it but if i have an option, i would rather buy a metrocard. (sigh)

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