Forget the men, where’s the compassion?

So I arrived at my train stop in Queens to catch my bus.  I was surprised to see a long line of people waiting for the bus.  I guess, someone took an extra long nap.  Anyway, just at the bus pulled up, it began to rain.  The bus was very crowded and all the seats were taken.  I was standing.  An elderly man gets on the bus.  He had his senior pass and he looked around to see if anyone was going to offer him a seat.  No one!

At the front of the bus, the three seats behind the bus driver sat two women (one Chinese and the other Indian) and another person.  On the opposite side was a young black couple and another person.  Adjacent to the seated young black couple and another person was a woman and her son.  I thought she was going to offer the elderly man her seat but nope.  She just sat there looking at him as if thinking that she should offer her seat to him but just didn’t act on it.

The elderly man eventually got a seat from a young hispanic guy but that was after he transferred his gym clothes from one bag to another and then switched footwear.

I was disappointed.  Nobody offered him a seat.  Nobody! The man clearly looked feeble and in need of a seat.  They just looked at him, saw that he could use a seat but did nothing.  I was disgusted.  Look, I’m not a do-gooder, or a girl scout.  I don’t always offer my seat to people but when I see someone in need of a seat, I’ll certainly offer it to them.


~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, June 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Forget the men, where’s the compassion?”

  1. FYI…Judd hates when people don’t offer seats to the elderly.

  2. yes, i know. he’s left a few comments regarding that sentiment. 🙂

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