Some people want more than a seat, they want you to move

This evening, another “can you move over” incident occurred.

I was on the “E” train knitting away. The train was filling up but there were still seats if you were quick enough to get to them. I had empty seats on either side of me. There was an older man sitting at the end next to the door who didn’t look all too clean. I don’t recall the stop but a mother and teenage daughter who happened to be white stopped in front of me. They looked at the seats and then looked at me, expecting me to move. I looked at the empty seats and looked back at them with an expression on my face that said, “There are empty seats so sit down.”

The daughter sat down and the mother was looking at me expecting me to move over.

“Could you move over?” the mother said to me.


“I want to sit next to her so we can talk.”

“I want to sit here.”

“Then we’ll just talk over you.”

And then sits her ass down. She attempted to talk to her daughter but her daughter wasn’t haven’t it. The mother was like, “What?”

I didn’t care if she wanted to talk over me. I’d still hear the conversation.

The mother then spots another seat on the opposite corner and moves there and eventually her daughter follows suit after some convincing. Other people filled the seats.

I noticed from the corner of my eyes that the mother was either trying to stare me down or give me a dirty look. Some people can’t just be happy to have a seat.


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, July 26, 2008.

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