Two fat hippos walk into a bar…

Please note that the following post may be offensive to you as a reader.  These are my experiences and I report them as they happen to me.  The post as described below does not diminish my respect for any particular race and/or sex.

Actually, this isn’t a joke but something that happened to me this evening when I was going home on the “E” train. The A/C was acutally working tonight – wow! And with plenty of seats available. I sat two seats from the door as I normally do. At Canal Street, two hippo ass sized women who happened to be black boarded the train. Without a moment’s thought, the larger of the two sat at the very end leaving about less than half a seat between me and her. I’m knitting away on my project and the fat lady asked me to move over so her fat friend could sit with her.

I know when to pick and choose my battles. This was not one of them. Did I mention she was big and black?

So I moved over…to the other end of the bench but still two seats from the door. Did I mention that both were big and black?

So I am riding the “E” train just stewing with resentment and anger with these two obese women. I mean, really…of all seats that the larger one could have plopped her big fat black ass down was the one closest to me and on top of that, ask me to move over because she wanted her big fat ass friend to sit next to her. There were plenty of seats that she could sit at. Why do the fat ones always take the seats next to people, and immediately at the door that clearly do not accommodate their unhealthy fat bodies?!!

It has to be laziness and too much effort to move more than necessary.

The both of them took up at least three seats! Luckily the A/C was working tonight.


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, July 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Two fat hippos walk into a bar…”

  1. New York City may not be the place for you because public space can often be uncomfortable. There are people of all sizes, races, etc. who make incidental contact with each other and, worse yet, who are smashed together in sauna-like subways cars.

    It doesn’t suit one to have unaccommodating expectations that people will meld to their ideals. At the very least, your unreasonable disdain for the large women for African descent seems to be pushing you over the edge. In the end, I can guarantee you that noone will adopt your preferred build nor sit precisely where you wish they would. For your sanity, I suggest you get a car or move to Idaho.

  2. Actually, I have a disdain of fat people of all races and sexes who sit on me when they can’t fit in the space between me and another person, or if they’re too lazy to take a few extra steps to a more ample seat.

    And you’re right, the obesity problem isn’t going away – unfortunately. It’s sad really that it is becoming an epidemic and the public don’t care enough to do something about it.

    Idaho?! Why Idaho? Idaho is the potato state – heavy carb country. The mid-west is full of fat people. If anything, I’d go to Colorado.

    I take it you’ve never been sat on. Or perhaps you’re the fat person who ends up sitting or squishing people especially in crowded hot trains.

    I prefer not to make other people uncomfortable by making them smash up against other people just so I can sit down. I can stand.

  3. Daily Commuter, I love your blog. This post, however, is definitely a little offensive and racist. I don’t understand how the race of these hefty women is at all relevant. Seriously, this is racist. Remove it.

  4. J-nj, I’m sorry that you found this particular post offensive but if you have followed this blog then you’d know this is not the first post where I describe one’s physical and racial nature. It’s certainly not the first time I have used the word “black” to describe a person if they are. I have used “hispanic”, “Chinese”, “white”, so far. I was stating fact. If they were two fat Chinese people, I’d state that too. It would read something like this, “…two hippo ass sized women who happened to be Chinese boarded the train.”
    I took out the word “black” and inserted “Chinese”.

    I don’t have a problem telling my side of the story to include describing people. I may not always describe them down to every single detail unless they’re right in front of me and I get a good look at them.

    Do I think all fat people are black? Certainly not. I’ve seen plenty of fat hispanics and fat white people. Not so much on the fat Asians, or fat Indians, or fat Arabs. Do they exist? Yes, they do. Have I had negative experiences with them while commuting. I have but that happened before this blog was created.

    Do I think all black people are fat? Certainly not. My black friends are healthy and fit; and there are plenty of black people out there who are not fat.

    Unfortunately, we live in a society where race is still an issue with either a negative or positive effect.

    For instance,look at our presidential race. There are people who are voting for Barack because he is black (as well as other reasons). Are those people racist? Should they be barred from voting? Heck, I’m voting for Barack because he ain’t white (among other reasons)! The fact of the matter is, Barack is both black and white as we all know from his parental heritage. But because his skin color is closer to that of a “black” person, he’s considered black.

    Again, I’m sorry if you found this particular post offensive but I won’t remove it. If anything, I may put a disclaimer. Thank you for reading and posting your comment.

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