When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Something almost embarrassing almost happened to me today while riding on the train going home yesterday evening.

We had frozen Indian food for dinner yesterday evening.  We’ve had frozen Indian food before and it tasted great.  I don’t remember the brand name but the ones we had yesterday evening was a different brand and it was served with brown rice (yuck).  I had the chicken biryani, which when it was cooked, did not look all that appealing or taste good.  I had a couple of bites and gave it to my boyfriend who was still hungry.

Couple of hours later when my boyfriend walked me to the train station, I started to fart.  I knew it wasn’t a good kind of fart.  It was a type of fart that warned me that I would need to use the toilet.   To make a long story short, I got to my train stop with an urgent need to literally get my ass to a toilet – pronto!  This could not wait.  I knew there was a public restroom at Union Turnpike.  And I knew (from reading a post by one of the members of Commuter Outrage) this was the same restroom that have been locations of public lewdness.  But I didn’t care because I needed to “go”.

I walk into the Men’s restroom and find a sink, a urinal, and two toilet stalls but with no doors.  And there was no toilet paper!  I was like, “Crap!” The toilets had urine in it and around the seats.  I could not hover.  This was not one of those situations where hovering was an option – think of the splash back!  I looked in my bag and remembered I had these two sheets of paper (computer printout) that I could sacrifice.  So I quickly and carefully ripped myself a seat protector – double layer!  I carefully site down and readied myself to do my business.  While I was “going” I hoped that nobody would walk in on me; remember, the stalls don’t have doors.  And then I hear flip flops approaching the restroom.  I listened carefully to the flip flops to determine if they were coming closer or passing by.  They were coming closer, and closer.

“Hello?” I called out to let whomever know I was in here.  The flip flops stopped.  I waited.

The flips flops continued closer, almost nearing the entrance of the restroom.  “Hello?” I called out again.  Again, the flip flops stopped.  I waited.

The flip flops moved away.  I was relieved.

I finished my business.  Luckily, I was carrying a tissue packet.  I got up and threw out the seat protector, and washed my hand.  The flip flop returned and it was a guy.  He was surprised to see a woman in the restroom.  It confused him so he turned around and left.  “It’s all yours,” I said to him as I left the restroom.

I got home immediately and scrubbed my ass down!


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, August 2, 2008.

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