Creepy crawlies…

I was on the bus going home, sitting on the first single seat on the left hand side of the bus, and watching a video on my iPod Touch when from the corner of my eyes, I noticed something moving.  I thought maybe it was a reflection of something on the glossy paint finish of the bus interior, or a shadow.  I looked and saw something move.  I moved away and noticed it was a roach!  Eew!!

I got up and changed my seat.  I was grossed out that I was that close to a cockroach.  This was not my first siting of a roach on a bus.  I’ve seen there crawling around in search of food.  The buses are pretty filthy.  There’s always some sticky residue on the floors and food stuff dumbed in crevices of corners where the seats connect to the bus.  And I’m sure the depots where the buses park aren’t the most cleanest of places either.

It really creeps me out knowing that there is a colony of roaches living within the walls of the MTA buses.


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, August 17, 2008.

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