The stairs may be open but you can’t get through to them

I recently reported that the PATH completed renovation of the 2nd stair on the middle of the platform.  Wel, they haven’t worked out the kinks of the turnstiles because i was not able to insert the single fare card into the one turnstile that was accepting it.  So i had to use the turnstiles on the opposite end; not a big deal by annoying.

Personally, i think they are tyring to get commuters to purchase and use their Smart Link cards, and do away with the use of Metrocards.

I had briefly considered getting the Smart Link card but realized that i would have to purchase the card for $5.00, and then add fare money to the card.  No way!  I ain’t paying $5 for a card to put fare on it when i should get it for free like the Metrocard.

Ever since i had trouble with the PATH turnstiles stealing money from my Metrocard on the Jersey side of the tracks, i only buy single fares.  So far that has worked out with the exception of the occassional request that the machine ask for exact change which results in the machine dispensing a $2.00 Metrocard for a $1.75 PATH fare.

I hope they fix the turnstiles so they accept most forms of cards.


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, August 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “The stairs may be open but you can’t get through to them”

  1. You realize you’re overpaying if you pay via Metrocard, right? Sure, there’s the $5 fee to consider, but the actual amount you pay PER RIDE to add to the card is considerably less than $1.75.

  2. Yes, thank you.

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