What happened!?

I’m on the “E” train heading home deep in my knitting and learning German when I hear some kind of commotion. I thought maybe there was some kind of train related altercation. Maybe someone got bumped the wrong way or something.

The girl, a very light skinned black or latin girl kept shouting, “What happened?! What happened?! What the fuck happened!?”  Everyone turned their attention on these girls. And then we thouht a fight was going to break out at Roosevelt-Continental.

Apparently the drama that was unfolding on the “E” train was a result of some kind of crazy lesbian cheating affair that was revealed to the light skinned girl who was shouting. She is obviously hurt by the revelation. This belongs on the Jerry Springer Show.

“Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!” she shouted as she pummeled her cheating lover, who was a heavy set dark skinned black girl with tight braids on her scalp like those done on guys.  Obviously, she was the “man” in the relationship, and also a dog for cheating.

A mutual friend of theirs, a Latina, yelled at them to stop, and tried to separate them but obviously she didn’t want to get pulled into the beating.  Seems like she was the only one with any sense.  She made attempts to intervene and calm her friend down and to keep her from making a bigger scene that was already playing out.

The fight got serious and spilled into the seats of the other passengers. The passengers got up and moved towards the front of the car, not wanting any part of the physical assaults that were flailing around.

Exhausted, the hurt lesbian lover let out that she loves her (the cheating lover)and that she was leaving her.

They eventually stopped the cat fighting and got off the train to everyone’s relief.


~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, August 29, 2008.

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