Fat sandwich

So there is this fat guy who is white standing in front of me carrying a plastic bag of groceries. Both hands are grabbing the brisjef stainless steel bar above me; the plastic bag inches away from my face and moments from smacking me in the eye. I conteplated whether I should say something while keeping a watchful eye on the looming bag over me.

Instead, I pull out my iPod Touch to blog this. His fat wife, who is also white and almost sits on me earlier, tries to look at the screen to see what I was doing; being very obvious with her glancing over. I turned the iPT away from her prying eyes. She looked away. She made a couple attempts to look while I typed this but I pulled away with each attempt.

Then the seat to my left frees up and I knew the fat husband was going to sit down next to me as he maneuvers into place but before they could make me part of a fat sandwich, I got up and took a seat across from them.


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, August 30, 2008.

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