Between a black and white cookie

When I got on the “F” train I decided to sit between two roundish black women. It was a bit of a pinch. One eventually gets off at 71st & Contintal Avenue but another roundish women replaces the one that gets off; she is white with blonde hair. Now I’m really pinched between two rocks.

The fat black one can’t sit still for the life of her ever since I sat down. She keeps digging around her straw bag pulling something out to look at or read. She’s moving around like she needs more room. She keeps elbowing me or jabbing me with her fat arms. Really putting me in a pinch.

The white one didn’t like that I was leaning against her as a result of physics. When the train was coming to a stop, my body swayed towards the head of the train. The big white one was sitting to my right. She firmly held me back with determination.

Gosh, now I have a fat gutted guy who is white with white hair standing right in front of me.

The fat people just keep coming.


~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, September 5, 2008.

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