PATH vending machines suck!!!

At WTC, all 5 vending machines are either broken or not accepting cash. What the hell is that all about!?!! I hope this does not happen during the weekday.

I just don’t understand why these machines break down so frequently. At least as frequently when I take the PATH on the weekends. It’s just ridiculous that these vending machines break on a weekly basis. It wasn’t too long ago that I reported that they were fixing the same machines.

So, the vending machines that werw half working did not accept cash. Luckily, I had enough change in my wallet to purchase a single ride ticket. But what about the other people who don’t have enough change? Or a credit card? That means that they would have to escalate back up to make a purchase at the Indian operated Hudson Newsstand and hopefully they won’t be complete assholes and give you enough change for your ticket purchases for paying premium on water and junk food.

This just goes back to my suspicion that PATH is trying to get passengers to buy and use the Smart Link cards. The fucked up part to this is that you refill on the PATH vending machines. So if I did have a Smart Link card and needed to refill on the spot, I’d be screwed!

It is unacceptable for passengers whether daily or visiting should have to deal with the Port Aurhorities inability to maintain their vending machines so passengers can buy their fare. It’s frustrating!!


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, September 7, 2008.

One Response to “PATH vending machines suck!!!”

  1. So i was coming home from work yesterday. I took the path from Jersey City and arrive at 33rd and let a train go by before I hear the announcement that 2 service stops at 96th st and if you want to go to the Bronx you have to take the 5. I finally get to the 5 train and it’s crawling… It was an awesome over 2hr commute home!!!

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