Vienna’s public transportation

While visiting Vienna for two days, I had an opportunity to use their public transportation system. They have and undergroud train system, a team system, a bus system, and a rail system. As you can see Vienna offers various forms of transportation to get Austrians where they need to go.

Please be aware tgat there are no live ticket booths. You can buy your tickets from a vending machine at the traun stations or buy them from a tabak store. The vending machines are similar to the Metrocard machines back in NYC. The ticket vending machines are available in several languages to accommodate tourists.

From my experience, the trains were frequent and on time. In fact, they provide you with the information of when the next train will arrive.

NYC has a similar feature but only for the “L” train and I think only at certain train stations. NYC should implement this but to do so would show the MTA’s incompetance.

The trains seem clean. The seats are limited. They have traffic signs showing seats alocated to the elderly, pregnant women, and women with small children.

The stations have clear and easy to follow signs to help you to get out or to make your connecting train. They have working elevators and escalators. Some of the train stations connect directly to the rail system. The stations have food shops to get something to eat on the go.

I only rode the tram once so I’m not on a position to really comment. But I was advised the tram #1 makes the round of Vienna and is a good way to see some of the important sites.

Their rail system runs as efficiently as their train system. Again, there are clear signs indicating how and where to catch your rail connection.


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, September 17, 2008.

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