Back in NYC

I’m back in NYC after my trip to Austria. I’m returning to work the next day and wondered if there have been anything new other than our financial institute having a meltdown, Texas recovering from Ike’s wrath, and the presidential candidates in a battle of strong words.

I noticed at the 150th Street stop of the Q46 the people are lining up parallel to Union Turnpike, which is the correct way, as opposed to perpendicular to Union. But the bus I was on still passed them. The bus I was on was packed.

On the “E” train getting to work. Standing. Two Jews are standing next to me. I know they are Jews because of the yamachas each is wearing. One is wearing brown suede loafers with a white shirt and black slacks; doesn’t look good. One is standing too close to me his armpit is over my shoulder. Thank god it isn’t sweltering and the AC is working.

Now I’m seated at the end of the bench and the car fills with people at Continental and Roosevelt station. The seat is small so my elbow extends out over the end bar. There is an Asian women standing right next to me and her lower belly (just above the groin area) is rubbing against my arm – eek! Her boobs are about to knock into the side of my head.


~ by thedailycommuter on Thursday, September 18, 2008.

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