Constant farter plus halitosis

A black lady sat down next to me and immiediately I knew this was going to be one those smelly rides.

I have not encountered many black people who smell bad or have pungent body odors like some white people, and Indian and Pakistani people.

But this lady was different.  She didn’t look particularly special. She dressed well.  She wore a long skirt.  But when she sat down, the scent of cheap old lady flowery perfume that you’d find in the chain drugstore puffed out of her skirt. And although she sat rather still and without much notice, I could smell the fart that was seeping through the crevices of her body and clothes. It was not coming from the guy sitting on the other side of me.  The smells were coming from her.  I was sitting down wind from her so I knew for sure it was her. Mixing the cheap perfume with farts did not make for a pleasant experience for the olfactory let alone the train ride.

On top of the disgusting mixture of fart and cheap perfume, she also had bad breath. It was rancid! Worse than the cheap perfume she was wearing and the farts she was was producing. The combination of all three was a one, two, knock out punch. I wanted to throw up.

And then when I got up to get off the train, I noticed I was carrying her nasty fart with me as I walked to the door. I’m sure the people I passed must think I smell bad.


~ by thedailycommuter on Tuesday, September 23, 2008.

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