The “V” train vs. The “F” train

I can always tell when a “V” train or an “F” train pulls up at Broadway Lafayette station on the uptown track. I dint believe this happens at any other train station along the “V” and “F” line in Manhattan or Queens.

The “V” train always pills into Broadway Lafayette slowly. The “F” train, on the other hand, always pulls into Broadway Lafayette fast and furious. The wind pressure as the “F” train rushes through the tunnel almost always knocks me.

This is just something I have noticed when I wait on the Broadway Lafayette station for the “F” train.

You can always tell when the “V” train is approaching because you see the faint yellow headlight of the “V” train as it slowly creeps towards the station. The yellow lights slowly become more intense and brighter as it carefully pulls into Broadway Lafayette.

With the “F” train, the tunnel glows very intensely as it thrusts through the pitch black depths as if bursting through the darkness’ evil hold.

Just an interesting observation.


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, October 8, 2008.

One Response to “The “V” train vs. The “F” train”

  1. I feel like this happens to me at 42nd St. Bryant Park, too.

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