The PATH f*cking up again.

Well the PATH vending machine and turnstile fucked me over once again. I entered at Grove Street station. Both vending machines for the tickets were not accepting bills, “No bills accepted at this time”. The newspaper stand that was opened would not give me change. I was forced to use my credit card to buy a single ticket, $1.75. I made sure to get a receipt. These vending machines and turnstiles are notorious for taking your money and leaving you pissed. I insert my ticket into one of the turnstiles and it did not let me through. It did not reject or eject my ticket. It took it but did not let me through. I was annoyed.

I eventually got through.


~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, October 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “The PATH f*cking up again.”

  1. Why do you buy single ride tickets? Overall you end up spending a lot more money then buy buying multiples..

  2. Alex

    thank you for your comments. i understand your question. but in my past experience, the turnstile would take my metrocard, deduct the fare but not let me through. this has happened on more than two occasions and it is very frustrating. and although i am given a refund by MTA when i report it, it is still an annoying incident.

    i have contemplated on getting the smart link but on principal, i hate the fact that i am being charged $5 for the card. i think it is ridiculous. what happens if the card is faulty? can i return the smart link card and get my $5 back? i’ll have to do a bit of investigative work on the smart link to see if others have had problems with it.

    do you use the smartlink? if so, how long have you had it? does the card expire? if so, do you have to pay for a new one? what have your experiences with the smartlnk card so far?

  3. oh, an i buy the single rides because up until this last incident, i have not had problems getting through the turnstiles.

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