Get a load of this.

I’m for conservation and renewable or reusable sources of energy. I just noticed this ad on the E train this morning.

“Get a load of this.
Today’s newest subway cars actually create reusable energy as they brake. Luckily, we brake a lot. ”

Though I think it’s great that the MTA is investing in alternate means to harness energy to operate subway cars, the ad also umplies to the poor train service such as train congestion and delays that would cause the amount of braking to harness energy.

I know the ad is poking a little fun at MTA’s self but it is a little annoying to know that while they are claiming to conserve on new energy use, MTA still have larger issues at hand to deal with. One of them being congestion and delays.

And on the hypothetical side, if MTA were to make the improvements on train services, that would mean less braking (except at train stations) equals less energy harnessed.

The above comments are only my opinion and thoughts from my commute. I’m not a scientist, or a mechanic, or a technician of any kind. For all I know, MTA may have figured this and have considerations of their on going plans to improve the subway system.


~ by thedailycommuter on Friday, October 17, 2008.

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