Smelly old man and the lady who wants a seat

On the same M6 bus and took a two seater. It’s not a crowded bus so I pit my grocery bag on the window seat. There is an old man sitting in front of me who I realized stinks like be hasn’t showered in days. It’s not worse than a homeless person who usually smells like rotten garbage, or stale urine, or shit.

And then a lady gets on ad walks up to me. She says, “Excuse me.”

I take my bag and put it on my lap. I move my legs to the aisle so the lady can get into the window seat. She sqeezes by and sits down, putting her shopping bag on the floor and her shoulder bag on her lap.

As the bus heads closer downtown along Broadway, seats begin to free up. I still stay seated with my handbag and grocery bag on my lap. Essentially, I’ve compartamentalized the lady in the window seat. She eventually asks to get out and move to another seat. While she tries to get out, she asks me to get up.

If she was able to get in without me having to get up then she should be able to get out the same way.

Beside I was not able to get up because of the bags on my lap , and she was already halfway out.


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, October 18, 2008.

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