The opportunistic hoverer.

I am on a crowded “E” train. I’m wearing heels that tire my feet easily especially when I am standing. When a seat finally frees up at Fifth Avenue, I am relieved.

The seat is taken up by the big black guy. He’s not fat but big bones and most likely works out. He also sits with his legs wide open thus taking up a lot if space on the bench.

He gets up as the trains pulls up to Fifth Aveune and stands in front of the street. I move slightly off to the side. He tries to throw his shoulder bag on his shoulder but stops realizingit was just a bit crowded.

A freckled milky white skinned lady stands really close to me. I thought she was trying to get out of the way of the black guy who was getting off at Fifth Avenue.


As soon as he got off the train the freckled white lady removed her bag from her shoulder and was about to cut right in front of me for the empty seat while I was moving in to sit down as the black guy moved away from his seat.

What was she thinking?!!

People like her are who I call opportunistic hoverers. These people sees the same potential seat as you do but the difference between you and those who I call “opportunistic hoverers” is that you’re clearly right in front of the potential seat while the opportunist is either behind you or to the side of you or right up next to you. The ones that stand right up next to you are the worse of the opportunist because those are thomes that could steal that seat away from you by pushing you or standing in your way of the seat.

And of course there are these impatient opportunists, like the freckled lady, who clearly sees the person just got up from their seat but has not moved away for you to sit down because the train is crowded and they are waiting to get off. Instead of being rude, you wait for the person to either move out of the way or gets off if possible. And that moment where you try to be polite this is where the impatient opportunist try to swoop in and cut you out of a seat.

But sometimes you may have to resort to a little more assertive moves especially when the trains are densely packed and other people are standing around you also want to sit but clearly you’re the one who is closests so you need to guard your position and move on the offense.

Anyways, I sat down and the freckled lady walked away but still in my peripheral. Some seats freed up around me but the freckled lady continued to stand.


~ by thedailycommuter on Thursday, October 30, 2008.

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