I don’t want you to sit next to me even though I decided to sit down next to you.

I’m on the “F” train, sitting in the center seat of the three seaters in front of the map. I am minding my own business, playing a game on the iPod Touch when this middle aged white guy with a moustahe, glasses, and a out grown crew cut hair-do comes marching towards me from the opposite side. He was standing by the doors when he realized he could sit down. Mind you, it’s not a crowded train and there plenty of seats available. He nudged my foot and pushed my leg aside as he sits down. No “excuse me” from the bastard. And in fact I called him an asshole after he seated himself almost on top of me, to which he resppnded quietly under his breath and mustache, and with aggravated hand gestures that signed that I should have moved over.

If you didn’t already know from reading past posts, I’m not a big person. I fit in a seat just fine with no overspill onto the adjacent seats unlike those who are part of a growing unhealthy trend. And, I’m not one of those people who spread themselves out on a seat. Aything that I am carrying sits securly on and within my lap or on the floor between my feet.

Now I don’t know where people have the audacity to think that just because someone decides to sit down next to you that you have to move over to the empty seat next to you (that is if one is available) so there is an empty seat in between you and the person who decided to sit down beside you but wanted you to move over. I mean, where the hell did that thinking come from?! To oblige does not necessarily equate to being courteous. It just means you didn’t want to sit next to the jackass who decided to sit down next to you. And of course when you do move over, you get the funny look that says, “Did I do something to offend you?” or, “What the he’ll is your problem?” from the person who sat down next to you.

This dumb f*ck wasn’t a big guy either. He was of average height and build and to be quite honest the jackass fitted fine in the seat. And here’s the kicker, the jackass got off a stop later. He made a big deal about sitting down next to me only to get off at the next stop?!  What the hell was that all about?


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, November 3, 2008.

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