The unhelpful bus driver

I don’t know what goes on in the life of a NYC MTA bus driver. I don’t believe they have a stresssul job. I assume the job of a bus driver does not have very many responsibilties other than driving to and from. But for some reason there is an increasing amount of angry and at times disgruntle bus drivers. I don’t know what their issues are with some of them especially when it comes to people who aren’t familiar with the neighborhood or bus line. Sometimes confused passengers would get on and ask a simple question and some of these bus drivers would respond with unwarranted foul attitudes.

For instance, on the Q46 bus going home. An elderly lady gets on the bus and asks if this is a limited or a local bus. The bus driver tells her it is a limited bus. The lady then asks where can she catch the local bus. Instead of answering her, he argues with her and tells her he doesn’t know.  I thought to myself, is this guy for real?  Why the hell is he being so difficult with her? And why doesn’t he know where to catch the local bus?  I was annoyed with the bus driver arguing with the poor lady so I intervened and told her that the local bus is behind this bus.  She thanked me and got off the bus.

The bus driver’s behavior was unnecessary and totally uncalled for. Whatever their lives must be like, they should not be throwing out attitudes especially to people who are seeking a little assistance.


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, November 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “The unhelpful bus driver”

  1. I hear you complaining and you have a legitimate complaint. Why should a bus driver get mad? Why should anyone get mad? They are human you know. True they are supposed to be “trained” humans meaning they are supposed to be polite under all conditions But to say they have no stress because they have the easiest job in the world tells me that you would rather enjoy traveling through NYC, Chicago, LA, or from wherever you are by getting behind the wheel and driving through it all for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, year after year after year. True, most people are nice where I work but they do every so often come up with some of the stupidest questions such as which bus do I take to get to the intersection of X & Y streets? Well, X & Y streets run parallel to each other and therefore, don’t intersect. But you don’t tell them that as you don’t want to make them seem foolish for asking such a dumb question.

    But one thing that could be getting to this particular bus driver is the same thing that is getting to all the other bus drivers is that so many people (passengers) are using the bus anymore due to the high price of fuel (which is nowcosting half as much as it used to a few months ago) that it’s getting to be very hard to stay on schedule with all the frequent stops and the larger than usual number of passengers using transit these days. So you get behind schedule and people gripe at you for not getting them to their bus stop on time and missing connections with other busses. No stress lady? Try to deal with that one all day long day after day after day. It’s actually a city council problem for not funding enough busses on the streets to meet the heavy loads. But busses costs in excess of $300,000 each! and the average annual wages for bus drivers nationwide now exceeds $20.00 per hour. Where are you going to get the money to pay for all of that? And no one wants to increase their taxes. Dream on. Go join an organization that is pro-transit and work with the governing agencies to improve our transportation system so their is less stress for everyone.

  2. Most drivers don’t know the neighborhood of their mundane route. I have a friend who witnessed a passenger asking bus drivers for directions to get from point A to point B and the bus driver who drives the same route day after day was not able to advise the lost and confused passenger. My friend was baffled at the bus driver’s lack of knowledge of his daily route.

    I have been a recipient of a bus driver who didn’t know his route either when I asked him where can I catch another bus to take me to my final destination. I’m not suggesting that bus drivers need to be well versed with the neighborhood they are driving in and through but he should at least know what buses and or trains passengers may connect to along their route.

    Not all passengers who board the bus know the neighborhood, or may understand that specific streets do not intersect but run parallel. As a bus driver, he or she should be able to explain that. I doubt if the bus driver was able to clarify the passengers directions would the passenger take offense for being corrected. I mean, the passenger is seeking assistance from someone that should be able to help.

    I do stand by my statement of a bus driver’s job has little to no stress. From my experience, the bus drivers on my route are not concerned with schedules. I don’t blame them completely. Someone makes up their schedules which they are supposed to follow. And they are anything but stressed for their tardiness and indifference to passengers.

    Not all bus drivers are jerks. I’ve experienced some pleasant bus drivers but there seems to be a lot more jackass bus drivers than descent ones.

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