Some women are just fat.

While commuting I have observed people graciously offering their seats to pregnant women. I think that is great! The interesting thing I have noticed is that most of these people have been women who offer their seats to the expecting mothers. And so far I’ve witnessed to what seems to me legitimate pregnant women who were offered seats until today.

I was standing on a crowded “E” train in front of a hefty gentleman who looked like he had just sat down almost on top of the smaller women sitting on either side of him. But most likely, the hefty gentleman got on at the beginning of the ride and the women tucked themselves in beside him as the train filled.

Anyways, I had a gut feeling that he would be getting off somewhere in Queens. But before he got to his stop, he offered his seat to a woman with a belly. Before I got a good look at the woman I automatically thought she was pregnant. When I looked at her, her baby bump looked kind of deflated and flabby and spreading around the sides. At that moment, I did not believe she was pregnant.

I admit that I’ve never been pregnant but I’ve seen and took notice of the physiology of women in their pregnant condition and their baby bumps were firm and forward, not a spare tire around what used to be a waist.

When I realized she was not pregnant, I was miffed. I could have had that seat but instead a woman unintentionally posing as a pregnant woman was offered a seat by a man who was clearly brought up correctly but at the same time did not have good judgement to differentiate between a woman who is genuinely pregnant versus a woman whose gut is just hanging out for everyone to see.

This chance encounter reminda me of anotjer sikilar incident. I remember the first time I mistakened a woman for being pregnant. I was invited to a party and saw this woman with a belly that could not be contained by the black sweater that she was wearing. I assumed she was pregnant because at the time, many women were open and public about their pregnancy especially when it came to their changing bodies and exposing it so as to keep and maintain their self esteem as women who were still attractive, beautiful, and sexy in their pregnant condition. Then I saw her throw back a few and I was shocked. I have heard that a small intake of wine won’t harm the baby but this woman was throwing back a few cold ones a little too frequently. I couldn’t help but stare at her with disbelief. I thought to myself that someone should stop her. Then it occurred to me that maybe she wasn’t pregnant and that she was just fat. At which point, I became disgusted with her slovenly appearance and beer belly.


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, November 10, 2008.

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