Unapolopgetic fat bastard.

A fat bearded white man got on the train and decided to take a seat next to me even though there are lots of seats to choose from and in fact he could gave chose a seat that would allowed his wife and daughter seats too. Instead he forcefully plops his fat white slovenly ass down next to me. Not an “excuse me” or a “pardon me” or an apology for his ignorant white entitled attitude.

This particular white family is on the border of urban white trash. The “mom” is on the urban hip side, not really fitting in with the daughter and fat bastard.

She’s got curly hair with gold hoop earrings. She carries a patchwork bag and a black felted jacket by Triple five soul. The daughter looks like a pretty misfit or outcast character from a teen flick with the bitchy popular blonde cheerleader who loses in the end. She’s pretty and hopefully as she matures, she takes on more of her mother’s good looks. The father, the fat bastard sitting next to me, looks like Michael Moore but with a more slovenly appearance. He sits with his legs spread apart because his squat pear shpaed body prevents him to keeps his legs close together. He probably can’t even see his penis. He also moves around unapologetically knowing he’s right next to me. He moves around inconsiderately, behaving as though I’m not there.

I just don’t get it. Where does he get off forcefully plopping his fat ass down next to me?! I have no problem with him sitting next to me if he was polite about it but he wasn’t. He sat down as though he was entitled to that particular seat and that I should have moved aside as if to make way for the white master.

He clearly doesn’t fit in the seat. I mean his size is just pushing up against me and I am sitting like a retaining wall against a mound of hot and heavy pile of chunky shit.

(Correction, the lady got off at Lexington Avenue. She’s not married to the fat bastard.)

The fat bastard and his daughter got off at Roosevelt and Continental.


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, November 10, 2008.

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