Another smelly guy

I hurried onto the bus and took a seat next to what I thought was a woman. Turned out he was a man, another white guy who smells like he has not bathed in weeks and limits his visit to the neighborhood laundromat. His tiny odor isn’t as pungent as what it ought to be but there is defintely that unmistakable musk in the air that makes my nose itch. It is only bad should I turn my head in his direction. I am also sitting downwind from him which makes things worse for me.

He’s a little man, middle aged and has a giant stud emerald earring, which would me to think that he is gay; an old gay man with tacky jewlery. Or just a white douchebag with really really bad jewlery. He’s wearing a lightweight bright red windbreaker, which confirms my suspicion that he probably sweats profusely and that’s probably why he smells dirty. The only thing keep him warm is one those fake fleece headband things that cover the ears. His receeding scalp reveals freckles that at first glance looked like a failed hair plug procedure. He wears glasses that seems oversized for his face. He’s a small man with a small frame that is hunched over himself. His cheeks are full but droopy like the cartoon dog.

I an finally off the bus. Next time I am going to take a little moment and canvas the sears and the adjacent person I will sit next to. I can’t believe I let this one slipped through.


~ by thedailycommuter on Tuesday, November 18, 2008.

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