Deafening music

Among some of the annoying traits of obnoxious and inconsiderate commuters besides having to listen someone else’s innane conversations is having to listen to someone’s crappy music blasting from their earphones or headphones especially during the morning commute.

Don’t get me wrong. I like music as with many others, and my music taste ranges from jazz to electronic to hip hop. I listen to music on my iPod during my commute but I am not blasting my music so loud that others know what I am listening to. In fact, if I remove the earphone from my ears I would not be able to hear the music.

I am on the morning bus getting to the train station and I hear this loud static-y repetitive beat and rhythm. It sounded like really bad “hip hop” especially with the distortion from tuning the volume dial to the max.
I tried to pinpoint where the racket was coming from. I see two white guys, each with earphones. They were sort of dressed for prep school but their clothes were somewhat baggy. I looked at them. They looked back at me looking at them. I looked again to see if the loud music was blasting from them.

The noise was closer. It was not the two white guys in baggy preppy clothes.

Not that many people on the bus showed that they were listening to music and yet I could not immediately pin point the source of the obnoxiously loud music.

And then my eyes landed on this black girl with her headphones. She had one of those headphones that covered over the surface of the ear and did not cover her ears like some kind of head gear. She looked ahead with a blank expression across her eyes. I had to take another look to confirm and yes the loud beats were blasting from her headphones. Maybe the volume was jacked up to keep her awake. I wondered if her blank expression was a sign of her depriving herself from falling asleep. None the less, it was too loud and as a result the music didn’t sound good. I had to put my earphones in and turn on my music.

Frankly speaking, I don’t care what kind of music people listen to at any time of day or evening but to be blasting music from your ear or headphones at levels that may cause you to go deaf is just obnoxious and inconsiderate. Besides the fact that it’s just too damn loud, it’s not even audible. The loudness just makes whatever you’re listening into noise pollution, contaminating each commuters’ sense of peace as they try to get to their destination.

I can still hear her loud music over mine.


~ by thedailycommuter on Tuesday, November 25, 2008.

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