Grade for the Rider Report Card

After having graded the “E” and “F” trains with the MTA report card, I have a few comments about the report card.  The questions are very general and do not pinpoint the problem areas.  For instance, there isn’t an area where you can indicate which station you catch the trains, or where you get off.  It also doesn’t allow you to indicate how frequently you take the subway, or at what times.  Trains run differently during the weekend vs. the weekday as we all know and also during rush hour and off peak hours.  I don’t know why the people who made all this effort to get input from commuters don’t ask more specific questions so as to obtain more informative understanding of where the MTA fails and where they have succeeded.  Just goes to show you that MTA once again is wasting time and money to give off the impression that they are trying.

I give the Rider Report Card a “C-” for making an effort but not enough of one that may make a difference or improvement of the commuter.


~ by thedailycommuter on Tuesday, November 25, 2008.

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