Calorie counting with NYC and the MTA

While standing on the “F” train, I noticed a new campaign ad issued by the NYC Department of Health. It was an ad promoting weight control and proper diet requirements. The ad campaign was interesting to me. As you know one of my gripes about commuting are the fat people who take up too much seat space and/or unapologetically end up sitting on me.

I thought to myself, so the city does realize many of it’s citizens are overweight, obese, and fat. I am aware of the NO trans fat regulation imposed by the city on fast food chains and restaurants. But I appreciate the fact that the city and MTA are visually spreading the message of a healthy diet and proper food in take via calorie counting on the train especially when some of hear train cars are plastered with ads for run, vodka, beer, ugly feet, and erectial disfunction. This healthy ad campaign is refreshing.

The ad itself is eye catching with it’s bright yellow background and calm light blue type. This one in particular compared two sub-sandwiches. Apparently the roast beef sandwich has less calories than a tuna salad sandwich. I guess it has to do with the mayo in the tuna salad. But if you look at the ad closely, the filling of the sandwich is different. The tuna salad clearly has more filling like black olives, onions, and green bell peppers whereas you the roast beef sandwich looks like it only has hot peppers.  Both have shredded iceberg lettuce and tomato.


It would have been fun had there been a couple of fat people sitting under the ad. That would really drive the message home. Ha!


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, November 26, 2008.

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