People as dumb as cows

So I get on the “F” train at Union Turnpike. I get a seat. I find out that we’re running local. I didn’t hear the announcement when we got to 71st and Continental – I had my earphones in. That didn’t bother me as much. It wasn’t until we got to Roosevelt and Continental that they announced the “F” train was going to run on the “G” line. Or maybe they had announced but I didn’t hear it.

So most of the people got off onto the platform including “yours truly”. The next express “F” train arrived shortly after. Almost everyone on the platform pushed themselves thru but everyone else who managed to get in were lodged at the door and pole. There was some standing room further into the train but people decided to be lodged by the door and pole. When I tried to move pass the lodged intersection, this short Asian lady wouldn’t let me thru even though she, too, was eyeing the space beyond but she didn’t move and pushed me back. So I was forced to reach across people to hold on to the pole. The little Asian lady had nothing to hold onto at some point during the ride, the train was shaking around and the Asian lady was rocking about and leaning on people to help keep her up. I wasn’t having any of that. I inched away. She eventually grabs onto the pole after almost falling over. She wasn’t the only freakin’ retard causing the blockage. There were these teens that grabbed onto the pole and wouldn’t let me thru when I said, “Excuse me.”. They were obviously clueless as to the room beyond the pole everyone just seemed to flock to like fly to a fresh pile of warm shit.

Somebody with a seat got up to get off the train. Those dumb teens were even reluctant to let go of the pole to let the woman pass thru to get off the train. She eventually got thru and off. This was an opportunity for me to make my way thru for some greener pasture. Again, those retarded teens blocked my way and I had to say, “Excuse me” a couple of times before they let go of the pole to let me thru. It was such great relief to have a bit of space to stand around even though it was crowded.

I don’t know why peple are so bent on staying around the pole when they get on the train especially when the trains are so crowded.

The herd moves slowly into the train, shuffling in like cattle to slaughter. Then the first couple of these dumb cows decide to take up space at the door, while the rest of the cattle try to fill the train thru a bottleneck. Some of these people are smart and make their way into the train but most of these cows gather around the vertical pole by the door causing unnecessary over crowding.

Dumb cows.


~ by thedailycommuter on Wednesday, November 26, 2008.

One Response to “People as dumb as cows”

  1. hahah! SO TRUE. Ironically, I have a similar blog entry about pole hoggers, pole swingers, pole leaners or the best – people that use to pole to hold up their newspaper. WTF. I’m so happy I’m not the only one that notices how stupid the general public is on transit.

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