Nail clipper

I’m on the bus heading to the train station. It’s a dreary rainy day. It should be snowing but it’s not cold enough.

On the bus are a few people. One of these passengers is clipping her nails. She’s sitting in the single seat along the left side of the bus. There is someone sitting in front of her and someone sitting in back of her.

I don’t understand the motivations of some of these private behaviors that occur in public places. Why do people feel it is necessary to do their manicure on the bus or train? It is just baffling.

The nail clippings have projectile bits of nails flicking off to where ever. It might land on your person and you wouldn’t know. If I were the person sitting in front of the nail clipper I’d move away from her.

These kinds of people have no shame or public descency. And clearly oblivious to others around them.


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, November 30, 2008.

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