Terrorist attack at train station

By now, most people should have heard of the horrible attack by Muslim Extremist in Mumbai, India.  It was mostly reported that many of the upscale hotels were attacked, and the terrorists were aiming at American and Israeli/Jewish tourists. 

I read today a timeline of the terrorist attacks and apparently, the attacks started at the main railyway station in Mumbai.  Two armed men, walk through crowds and once they got to their destination, they opened fired among the throng of commuters.  To read the timeline for yourself, click here.

When I read that, it sent some chills down my spine especially in light of the recent unsubstantiated reports that terrorist were talking about attacking our public mass transit system.  I mean, these are two guys who one guy in the article admitted that he couldn’t believe they were that these young guys were the culprit causing the carnage.

I have noticed beefed up security around the train stations I entered.  There were either more cops standing around, or armed forces with some serious fire power. I’m not sure if commuters will stand a chance should something like that happened here.

And why with all our intelligence were we not able to prevent the carnage from happening in India?  That just tells me that we may not be prepared or could not prepare ourselves for an attack if these crazy terrorists are just bent on killing people for whatever lame cause they are fighting for.


~ by thedailycommuter on Sunday, November 30, 2008.

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