I was at Union Turnpike waiting for the F train. The E train pulls in and so I wall over to the opposite side ofthe platform. There was a short fat white woman dressed in a cheap looking beat up fur coat. She’s not a woman of style by any means. Just a woman who got her hands on a ratty looking fur coat either from some marked down outlet or second hand.

You were able to see some available but limited seats. The woman tried to place herself centered with door and though she saw me, she tried to shimmy herself against me – trying to push me but I didn’t move. Instead I just stood my ground, and firmly. She turned to me and released a very sarcastic, “Ooooooh…”, which translated to, ” Ooh, I’m scared. You think you’re so tough.”

I did not dignify her with a verbal response but rolled my eyes at her retarded behavior. We boarded the train and the short fat woman in her ratty fur coat sat down.

I eventually got a seat.


~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, December 1, 2008.

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