Police investigation, part 1

I am on the “F” train heading home. It’s not late. It’s only 5 after 8. I should be able to make the last “limited” Q46 bus before they go local. For whatever reason when we got into Queens the train is running local. Now we’re stalled at Steinway Street for no good apparent reason. An announcement just came on and explained there is a train far in front of us is currently experiencing problems. The problem is occuring at 67th Avenue.

Another announcement just explained there is a police investigation at 67th Avenue Station. Great! Well I can forget about catching the “limited” bus now.

Why the hell did this train divert into the local track anyways. I know they knew about this police investigation before we left Manhattan.

This is ridiculous! I’m going to check my emails for service alerts as it pertains to this particular delay.

It’s 8:32pm and the conductor just made another announcement confirming that we were being held up due to an on going police investigation at 67th Avenue Station. He further added that cursing out the conductor isn’t going to help the situation, at which point I let a big, “Ha!”

And odd looking beggar made his second round of sticking his hand out at people with a single nickle in his awkward hand whose fingers were oddly curled making his hand kind of deformed. The first time he passed through, he hit my bag to get my attention and them stuck his deformed hand at me for money. I glared at him for hitting my bag, and turned away rolling my eyes.

Another announcement just came on an apparently due to the on going investigation at 67th Avenue, all “E” and “F” trains are running local to Continental Avenue.

It is currently 8:43pm and we just got to 46th Street Station.

It’s 8:46pm and we are being held at Northern Boulevard.

It’s 8:49pm and we just arrived at 65th Street Station.

Lady sitting next to me has some foul breath. Not only does she smell like dirty ass her breath smells worse! Everytime she yawns she releases that hot nasty bad breath. And I’m sitting down wind from her too! Ugh.

It’s 8:52pm and we are at Roosevelt and Continental. No express trains. We’re moving onto the next stop and I was able to change my seat. At least now I have some relief from lady with bad breath.

It’s 9:02pm and an express train just past us while we stopped at 63rd Drive Station. Next is 67th Avenue. There had better be yellow tape and cops around.

Asian Man sitting next to me smells fishy. He got on about two or three stops ago.

It’s 9:05pm and it is a ghost town at 67th Avenue. It’s like nothing happened. No yellow tape. No police.

Next stop is 71st and Continental.

The “F” train that passed us was waiting at 71st and Continental and so I transferred.

I’ll be home soon.


~ by thedailycommuter on Tuesday, December 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Police investigation, part 1”

  1. well i got stuck at 7th avenue on the E train at about 8:30 and then I had to leave the subway, add $3 to my metro card and then walk to the QM4 express bus at 6th and 55th, wait there until 9:10 and finally take that to 71 continental where I had a car, now a two hour trip is just uncalled for coming from Wall Street.

    Do we know what the police investigation was for??

  2. From my experience, any time they use the phrase, “police investigation”, it’s a mystery as to what was really happening unless you were personally witnessing the supposed “police investigation”. So as far as I am concerned, it’s just some MTA conspiracy. MTA should be transparent about these “police investigations”. If they expect us to fork over $2.50 or $3.00 one way to ride the trains, they better work for that money because I certainly work my ass off for mine. I’m digressing…

    No, unfortunately, I don’t know the true reason or the events that caused that ridiculous delay.

    If you happen to find out, please let me know.

    Thank you for your visit and comment.

  3. I was on the train subject to the investigation. We were told that “there appears to be a passenger under the train.” Many police and fre fighters at 67th Ave, when we stated to move 30 minutes opr so later into 71st, after which all trains were cancelled. We never did learn whether there really was someone uner there.

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