Road hogs

I usually travel by way of public transportation. I will on the occassion drive into the city onte weekend. As a driver, I always signal when I turn or change lanes and check when it is appropriate to change lanes.

There’s no doubt there are tailgaters and speeders on the open road. I don’t like sharing the road with them but there are two types of drivers I despise more than speeders and tailgaters; and they are mini van drivers and livery or taxi drivers.

Mini vans are the equivalent of fat people walking on the sidewalk and blocking you from trying to manuever around them. Fat people are slow moving as are mini vans. The behind of a mini van resembles a fat person’s wide ass. I especially don’t like when a mini van is driving at a leusure pace on the fast lane when they don’t have any business on the fast lane. There’s a lane for those driving at a leisure pace and it’s the right lane!

But of the two, livery and taxi drivers are the worse. When they are off duty or heading into the city to start their shift they are driving at a leisurely pace on the fast lane. The yellow taxi drivers usually have other people in the car with them; and they’re not clients. The black towncar drivers are driving in a reclined position and usually chatting away on their handsfree phone. Both of these drivers drive at a slow pace on the fast lane.



~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, December 6, 2008.

One Response to “Road hogs”

  1. Yes. My thoughts exactly. I wish the police would ticket the jerks who clog up the passing lane.

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