Mobile homes for the homeless

Continuing from my earlier post, when an E train finally arrived I stepped onto the second to last car. It smelled awful. I looked around and saw a homeless man at one end of the train. I moved onward to the next car. It smelled but not as nauseously as the last one. There were a number of homeless men sit and sleeping in the train. I moved to the next car. Again, homeless people were in the train. I finally got to a car that didn’t hve a smell that soul make me vomit and there was only one man who looked like he could be homeless. In fact, he just finished his dinner and threw out in between the cars. Apparently, he didn’t throw it down to the tracks because one of the train crew pushed it over as he came across to this train.

By the time we got to West 4th Street the possible homeless man was no longer sitting by himself at the end if re train.

Well, it is winter that time of year and there will only be more homeless folks taking shelters in trains and train stations as the weather gets colder and/or more wet.


~ by thedailycommuter on Saturday, December 27, 2008.

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