Car accident outside St. John’s

There was a serious car accident on Union Turnpike at St. John’s University. I was on the Q46 heading home when we could see the flashing lights ahead and the nearing sirens behind us. A couple of patrol cars raced past the bus. An ambulrnce was already at the scene but a few more arrived. Some of the cars in front of the bus backed up to try to get around the accident but our bus remained just a few yards of the scene until it recieved additional instructions.

I decided to get off the bus and walk to the Barnes and Nobles to wait for a car ride. So far, no buses have passed.

I managed to take a couple of pictures of the accident. I took a few from inside the bus and a few more when I was a little closer to the scene of the accident before I was asked to leave by one I police officers.

The passengers were still in their car. They looked seriously injured. He diver had a neck brace. The medics were preparing the gurneys.

I think the accident is starting to clear. He ambulence and some patrol cars just took off. Traffic may rsume shortly.

I don’t know hat happened but from the looks of it, the driver lost control while turning because they hit right smack into a tree. Only one car was involved in the accident.


(scene of the car accident along Union Turnpike outside St. John's University, click image for more pics.)



~ by thedailycommuter on Monday, January 19, 2009.

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